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Mirage VR

The best graphic quality so far!

Quick & Easy: Is Mirage VR worth it?

  • Amazing graphics
  • Sensual character rendering
  • A massive amount of content you can purchase
  • Great in-game interaction
  • Girls we all know and love
  • Great VR implementation
  • Eye contact with the characters needs to be better
  • Customization options not available

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MirageVR is a next-generation VR Porn game that’s still in development. It is one of the most famous adult VR games and has a reputation for a reason! The graphics of this game are simply surreal! And I mean it - this is as close as possible to a natural 8K VR Porn video! And you know the best thing about it? It still has not achieved its final form! So strap in and get ready for the future! 

What kind of a game is Mirage VR?

MirageVR is a project developed by MorganaVR. All their enthusiastic fans on Patreon directly power the whole thing. Just think for a second about how excited the entire VR Porn community is about this game! So, of course, feel free to join us! The game comes in different versions depending on the sponsorship you choose. Also, you can buy it on Steam.

At the moment, Mirage VR is just a playable sandbox. However, their latest release shows us that they mean serious business. The plan is to make this a full VR and PC game! So, what exactly caught our eye here? This is an unfinished game, after all. Think of it this way I have reviewed A LOT of VR Porn games so far, and this one has the best graphics I’ve ever seen! Mark my words - This game is going to be HUGE! The next big thing in the adult VR games industry, for sure.

Graphics of MirageVR - What are they like?

I already said it; Mirage has killer details! When the teaser came out, everyone was super enthusiastic about it. And when the demo version was finally available, I was blown away! By the demo! It’s incredible! I mean… I’m trying to imagine what the final product will look like, and I am sure it will be more than excellent. A ton of sex toys, sex positions, AMAZING chicks and different environments… The sky is the limit. And MirageVR may well get there!

Mirage VR graphics

It's been obvious from the beginning that graphics and physics will be the game's main selling points. The goal of the project itself is to be able to offer TOP graphic quality. This might just be what VR Porn needed - A game that looks like a fucking VR Porn video, but you make all the decisions! Imagine that! Fucking a piping-hot girl who seems extremely real in a VR game. This might be the game-changer we've all been waiting for. The models' heads are so detailed you can see individual hairs. I love how realistic the shadows look as well. I've never seen a game with such natural movements. Mindblowing

It goes without saying, pure 5/5!

What kind of content will Mirage VR offer?

You can now find a free downloadable demo on their Patreon. It's both VR and PC compatible, so if you don't have a VR set, don't sweat it - you'll get a piece of the action. Thanks for that, Mirage! In the demo, you'll find just one model. You can play around with animations and positions a little, but unfortunately, that's about it. You can't even see her naked. Instead, you get a glimpse of how awesome the game looks.

Mirage VR content

Thankfully, things change when you get the full version! There are three characters in the latest version. It's a sandbox environment where you can pose them, play 100+ animations, take their clothes off, and watch them from different angles. Plus, you can clone characters to make duplicates and play with multiple characters at once. There's no stopping you from grabbing them by any part of their bodies! Just get a bit creative, and you're in for a fun and erotic experience!

4.5/5 from me here, as the game is still in its initial stages.

Will Mirage VR offer a good amount of character customization?

You bet it will! 

Mirage VR customization

There are multiple ways to change the default models even now. And I'm not kidding. The game offers so many options; I can only imagine what it will look like when officially released. You can tweak everything from fundamental features to body shape, fat, and even the distance between breasts, collar bones, and MANY more!

Customization options are insanely complex in the latest version. You can alter the girls as much as you want, as long as it stays inside the "human-looking" framework. The models are all about natural, almost photorealistic looks. And once you find something you like, you'll spend tons of time playing with the sliders. I've never seen a character creation menu this detailed; I have to say!

Is Mirage VR an erotic experience?

Mirage VR erotic

Mirage has 100+ animations you can play with. Lots of fun (and borderline crazy) stuff, from "floating" to cow milking, dancing to different music genres, and taunting. I mean, name your kink; they've got it all! And while the girls perform these activities, you can still change their features and move their limbs using the main controls. You're getting this much so far, but the creators say it's not the final version. Eventually, MirageVR will be a complete, playable VR porn game with liquid simulation, cloth simulation, more interactions, and custom animations.

Right now, we can only look at the graphics quality and dream about what it will look like. But, with a bit of patience, you can animate a character to do anything you want. Plus, you can save and load different poses and presets now, so you don't lose your hard work.

4.5/5 from me!

Conclusion: Is Mirage VR worth it?

It's definitely worth the money if you're a VR Porn fan like me!

If you buy it, you'll help the creator speed up the process, and soon enough, we'll have a complete game with graphics that are years ahead! This is a huge step, and it's great to help projects like this grow.

There are a lot of new animations and changes in the latest version. It's super fun to play around with the characters. It's a great experience, and it has the potential to change the VR world entirely! 


Mirage VR: Our Summary


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