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VR Hand Revolution

An amazing hand-tracking game that's going to make you super horny!

Quick & Easy: Is VR Hand Revolution worth it?

  • No download required
  • No controllers required
  • Offers a free version
  • Amazing scenarios
  • Unique, fun and seductive
  • Graphics could be better

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VR Hand Revolution is a Web VR porn game from RockHardVR. It was created right after Oculus came up with its advanced hand-tracking capabilities. This game is a monster! It will blow your mind and your load in seconds! The game is WebVR compatible which means that you don’t need to download or install absolutely anything. All you need is your hands to play! Basically, you can fuck a hot chick by just moving your hands. There's no need for controllers or anything else! I mean…

Graphics of VR Hand Revolution - What’s it like?

vr-hand-revolution-graphicsVR Hand Revolution is surprisingly rich for a WebVR game! I was surprised the first time I played it - you really don’t expect a browser game to be so realistic and detailed! RockHardVR has managed to make the characters sexy and feminine despite the obvious limitations of making the assets small enough to stream. In an industry flooded with anime (not that I mind, honestly), it's refreshing to see a game developer embrace a more classic Western look. VR Hand Revolution offers a unique gaming experience with its realistic graphics. The game features detailed 3D models of hands and bodies, as well as realistic textures and lighting. It is obvious how much effort went into the bodies of these steaming-hot characters! They're curvy, have quality skin textures, and amazing body physics. It’s a great way to explore the world of VR Porn games in a safe and secure environment!

Now I have to say, the game is not perfect. But it makes up for the stuff it lacks with fun and convenience! So the graphics are not exactly as good as a VR Porn video is, but it will definitely keep you and your hands entertained for hours (pun intended)! 

I’ll rate the graphics 4/5.

What kind of content does VR Hand Revolution offer?

VR Hand Revolution offers two different gameplay modes. There's a Free version that you can stream and a Premium version that unlocks the full game (the Premium version requires a ⇒ Premium subscription). The game doesn't offer a single linear narrative but rather a variety of characters and scenarios. It's up to you what you pick. I appreciate it when a game offers this possibility - it just feels more interactive and immersive! 


There are two main modes in each scenario - Foreplay and Hardcore. In the Foreplay mode, you get to know the sexy character through virtual interactions. It's best to play this mode with a controller. On the other hand. when you're in Hardcore mode, the clothes come off and the real fun begins. When it comes to hand-tracking, this is where it really shines! Both modes are exceptionally fun! I prefer starting with the Foreplay mode and building up a storyline, and only then switching to the real stuff! But if you prefer pure action, go for it! You’ll like it regardless of the mode you choose! Sounds fun? Of course it does, because it is!

5/5 from me - great job guys!

What’s the story of VR Hand Revolution?

Here's how it works: you stroke your hand, and the girl moves along on your cock. Afterward, you decide how fast, how long, and how rhythmic it should be!

VR Hand Revolution Story

There are six different girls you can play with in VR Hand Revolution, from a hot flight attendant with massive tits to a horny doctor and your cute gym buddy. Once you visit the site, you'll find every playable scenario. After you finish the tutorial, you'll know everything about this game. Those hot 3D chicks are yours to fuck all you want. You can make your girl shiver with pleasure with a simple gesture. There's a posture switch option in the Premium versions as well. You are offered several ways to fuck each girl. It's all up to you! I love the diversity in positions here because each girl has her own way of seducing you. You might want to pump them from behind... or let them handle it.

In any case, it's a fun game and once you get into it, your horny side will come out in the blink of an eye! Pretty cool, I’ll give it 4.5/5.

Is VR Hand Revolution an erotic experience?

You bet it is! 

VR Hand Revolution erotic

Each scene starts with an intro sequence that allows you to get acquainted with the girl. I honestly recommend that everyone watch the intro scene to build attraction. It gets way more intimate and personal that way, even though it’s technically an animated character. The voice acting is very well done as well! It’s super easy to get hard just by listening to them moan as you keep pushing harder and faster. You cum by making a special hand gesture, and that’s such a hot moment in the game (especially when you cum simultaneously)! My favorite girl in VR Hand Revolution is Faye, the blue-eyed blonde with an amazing pair of tits. Since I discovered VR Hand Revolution, I have often returned to this game for a quick hand-tracking jacking session.

If you want, you can lie down or sit up. As long as you're comfortable, it doesn't matter where you are. Obviously, you can adapt to any scene! It's all up to you. Just make sure you lock your door before you start playing!

All in all, VR Hand Revolution is sexy, comfortable, and easy to play. Nothing much to complain about here!

4.5/5 from me!

How to play VR Hand Revolution on your Oculus Quest and Quest 2

Just open the game and shake your hand against your thigh a few times. You’ll get what this is about!

VR Hand Revolution has multiple scenarios you can play separately on the site, rather than being one big game. The developer recommends you begin with “A Hands-On Lesson With Janna.” It’s the first game with a quick tutorial for beginners. By picking one of the games on the list, you can play with several girls and choose the one you like best. Those titles are very suggestive, and you'll know what's gonna happen. I suggest you try playing with ALL the hot girls anyway!

The game is super intuitive and straightforward to play, considering you don’t need controllers.

Conclusion: Is VR Hand Revolution worth it?!

Taking into account that you get this game along with tons of other VR porn games and videos at their page, it’s more than worth it!

This is a nice gimmick, and I'm sure more VR porn games will use it. It's fun, easy, and makes you seriously horny. What else could you want?

It's a fun look at what VR sex games are going to look like in the future. And oh boy, can this game make you cum!


VR Hand Revolution: Our Summary


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